The 160 kg model was captured in a colorful bodysuit, baffling the paparazzi

Model Tess Holliday is confident in her irresistibility. Tess has no complexes about her singular appearance, and boldly flaunts elegant outfits. Recently, Tess appeared before her fans wearing a colorful jumpsuit, confounding the paparazzi.

The photographers didn’t even immediately come to their senses to capture the model. «Doesn’t she think about her son?», «Why does she have to spoil herself like that?», «Tess, you shouldn’t do that», «How can you hate and disrespect yourself like that»,

«I really like this girl, but she’s wasting away,» «She’s a beautiful woman,» «She’ll be bursting soon,» «You’ve got a little boy. Think of him.» «You should eat less.»

«It looks like she’s doing it on purpose,» Internet users wrote in the comments under Tess Holliday’s publication.

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