The 93-year-old model walks around the city in a bikini. The famous old lady with millions of fans

«Taking your boys out since 1928,» reads the retiree’s page.

Meet Helen Ruth Elam Van Winkle, aka Buddy Winkle, aka «Rainbow Grandma». It’s hard to believe, but the model in these photos turned 93 not too long ago! Buddy is enjoying her remaining youth and delighting her fans with snapshots of her in all her glory.

Buddy is an active Instagram user and updates her page daily. You have to admire this grandma’s rainbow pictures.

«Buddy, way to go.»

«She’ll give any 18-year-old a head start.» «Bravo. The woman is enjoying life», «How much of that life is left?», «That’s right, that’s the way it should be».

A bright, in some places epathetic and life-loving retiree from Kentucky, proving by her example that life after 60 is not always gray!

The woman’s destiny was not easy. Born during the Great Depression, she did not have a happy childhood and youth. She lost her husband and her son and almost gave up, but she found the strength to live for her daughter, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

An accident changed everything. One day, her great-granddaughter, returning from university, caught her grandmother doing gardening work in the yard in cropped jeans, a T-shirt with a comical inscription, and socks with marijuana leaves. And decided that such an «outfit» was worth posting online. It worked! What’s more, Buddy Winkle was born out of it!

Today, the life-loving pensioner has almost 3.5 million followers and a busy social life. She travels around the world a lot, allows herself to walk many kilometers on a bicycle and scooter, does not get out of exhibitions and presentations, participates in numerous talk shows and does not have time to sign advertising contracts!

«Stylish clothes are invented to be worn. It doesn’t matter how old you are.»

Buddy’s goal is to prove to everyone that you can look great not only at 20, but also at 50 and even 90! She advises not to dwell on problems and to do what you like.

She wears acid shorts and deep cleavage, dresses in leather and latex, and prefers a bikini swimsuit. Grey and black — no, never heard of that! There is so much color in the world!

«I look the way I want to look. And it’s always great, even when I don’t try. At my age, I can afford anything — no one will say anything!»

«I’m old, yes, but I truly believe that age is just a number and I want to enjoy life, not count how long I have left»

One can only envy such an approach to life. After all, such people make the world brighter, more optimistic and kinder.

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