The boy did not pass by and saved the dog from a hungry and hard life on the street

Petya is an ordinary seven-year-old child. His parents gave him their love and nurtured him, and he grew up to be kind and responsive. Petya had many friends, he was loved by neighbors and teachers at school. Petya was sociable, got along with people and loved animals.

That day the boy was playing in the yard. He wanted to build a house using branches, but the construction did not want to hold together in any way. Behind his back, Petya heard strange noises.

When the child looked around, he saw a dog following him. The dog was thin and dirty, and it was clear that the animal had no home. The dog was walking slowly and his eyes were very sad.

Petya had seen this dog several times before, but he was sure it had a home.

The child was not afraid to approach animals, even stray ones. But he always followed his mother’s advice that he should approach unfamiliar dogs slowly and carefully.

Petya approached the dog and began talking to him.

«Are you alone? You must be hungry. Why don’t you have a home?»

The dog stood in front of the child, head down and not responding in any way to his speech. Suddenly the dog dropped to the ground and laid its head on the grass. The boy felt very sorry for the animal.

Petya thought for a while, then quickly ran home. As soon as he crossed the threshold, the child began to persuade his parents to take the dog.

«Mommy, Daddy, let’s take him. I’ll take care of him myself, honestly,» the child’s speech was overflowing with emotion.

The parents were not against it and soon Petya and his mother went to the place where the boy had left the dog and took him into their yard.

The dog did not mind at all and immediately recognized in Petya his new owner. Thanks to a concerned boy, the stray dog now has a home, where he is loved, and the child has found a faithful friend.

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