The burned cat was taken in by volunteers. New photo shows the cat showing off his thick mane

The burnt-out cat Phoenix, which was found under the rubble in the Kiev region in the spring, is captivating the users of the Net. The new photos show how in seven months of care the pet got stronger and grew silky hair.

In early April, a picture of a burned cat found under the debris of a house in Andreevka near Kiev made the rounds of social networks. The pet with serious wounds was sent to a veterinary clinic, and later the animal began to settle in the office of the Pethouse pet store in Ukraine.

The cat was symbolically named Phoenix. Despite the fact that the pet was badly injured, it retained its teeth, eyesight and hearing. The torn lower lip later grew lower — so the cat became the owner of the trademark smile.

«Today I’ll explain some of the rumors about me. So: I’m not deaf or blind, as they say on the web. I have a bunch of teeth, all beautiful,» wrote the store’s account on Phoenix’s behalf.

Judging by the pet store’s Instagram account, Phoenix is on the mend quickly. The footage shows the cat playing in the office, walking and watching birds like a real hunter.

In November, the store staff showed what the pet looks like now. After seven months of nursing, we can see that Phoenix has gained weight and grown a long coat. The cat seems happy and healthy.

The subscribers were happy to see the transformation of the once burnt and lame pet. The new pictures of Phoenix touched the commenters, making them believe in the kindness and compassion of people.

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