The cat came to the woman for help so that all her kittens were happy

A stray cat arrived on the porch of the family and asked for help so that her kittens could live better.

A friendly stray cat appeared near the house, asking for food. The landlord noticed the cat’s big belly and suspected that she was pregnant.

The hostess of the house opened the door, and the cat walked right into it. A few days later, the hostess was stunned to discover not one, but five new additions to the house.
Hoping to give them the best care, the new owner of the cat turned to her local veterinarian friend for help.

The mother cat quickly got used to her new mom skills. Besides the fact that she is one of the best moms. She is also a very sweet girl.

The cat was a great mom for her demanding five kittens and satisfied all their needs. She came running if the kitten cried for her attention, and showered them with licks, hugs and unconditional love.

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