The cat follows the owner even into the shower. He is grateful to the woman that she took him away from the shelter

The woman gave the cat a permanent home. She took him from the orphanage. The cat is very grateful to the owner. He follows her everywhere. The cat accompanies her even to the bathroom.

The cat, nicknamed White, ended up in a shelter after its owner was forbidden to keep animals in rented real estate. The upset owner gave the cat to the shelter. She expressed the hope that the staff of the shelter will help the cat to find loving owners.

«This guy is very affectionate and friendly. He has slanted eyes and a funny mustache. White also has a beautiful fluffy tail,» says David Campbell, an employee of the organization. When people came, the cat stood on its hind legs and looked with a pleading look. He was so hoping that someone would want to take it for themselves.

Rachel from San Francisco saw a post about this wonderful cat on social networks. At that time, the girl was looking for a pet.

«When I saw his eyes, I immediately realized – I want this cat to become mine.» — said Rachel with burning eyes.»

«He goes everywhere with me. Even to the bathroom. I don’t have any personal space at all,» the girl laughs.

«Our cat is very playful and cheerful. He was only a year old when we took him into our house. This is a funny and cute baby. We love him very much,» says the owner of the cat.

When a girl goes to the shower, the cat is waiting for her at the door. It’s as if he wants to make sure that everything is fine with his owner after waterboarding.

Every morning, the cat goes to the bathroom with the girl and watches her prepare for bathing. White wants to become an integral part of his owner ‘s morning routines .

Every evening, the cat meets Rachel from work. He shows her his willingness to play and frolic. Also, the cat certainly looks into the refrigerator to find out what’s on the menu today.

White helps Rachel by loading dishes into the dishwasher.

«As soon as I lie down on the sofa with my laptop, it’s right there. He licks me and snuggles as close as possible. This is the most affectionate creature in the world,» says Rachel about her pet.

If he wants a snack, he stands next to the bowl and looks at his owner.

It’s been four months since White has regained the status of a domestic cat. It has become even more beautiful and well-groomed. Every day he walks around the house and watches Rachel perform household duties.

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