The cat that was thrown into the woods with its kittens bravely defended its babies from dogs

The barking dog disturbed the whole forest. Also, it attracted the attention of its owner. The woman ran up to her pet and asked:

«What are you, my good one, barking so loudly?»

But the dog did not pay attention to his owner; he went in the opposite direction and led the woman to an old dugout. The woman looked in and had a real shock. In the dugout, tiny kittens were huddled together. Also, their mother was nearby. She came out with a belligerent look, making it clear that she would not allow anyone to harm her little ones.

The forest was not far from the city. Near the dugout, kind people built a couple of houses for stray dogs. The kennels were built farther away from people so that the animals would not disturb anyone. Dog owners liked to walk their pets in this part of the forest.

What kind of person would abandon a poor cat to the dogs? It just doesn’t make sense!

When she looked at the dog, the cat bared her teeth, fluffed up her hair, and showed that she was ready to fight and would fight to the last breath.

The woman took her dog and ran home. She realized that the cat had to be saved immediately. So, the woman went home to get a carrier bag for the animals. She also left her dog at home.

That’s how the whole feline family went to the shelter. The kittens were in a deplorable condition: small, skinny, they looked miserable and sickly. The cat was very pretty, but distrustful. Surviving in the harsh conditions of the forest is not an easy task.

After a veterinary examination, the disappointing news came down — pancoleupenia. Tiny kittens were suffering from this disease.

Then there was a hard and long treatment. The kittens were kept under drips and injections. The curator suffered and worried, but assured herself that all would be well.

Those who have dealt with this disease will understand that it was unreal to save one-month old kittens. Despite all efforts and treatments, the situation was worsening day by day. Their lust for life dried up, their eyes became empty. Soon the babies died.

The cat was isolated from the cubs to prevent her from contracting the terrible disease. She heard their suffering, but could do nothing to help and only scratched at the door in despair. Eventually the cat caught the same disease that had overtaken her babies. She suffered and lay in the corner, unable to move, while her handler sobbed, leaning over her ward.

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