The couple had lost the cat and had given up hope of finding it. It turned out he had been the star of the local supermarket all along

British man Jason Eynon and his wife Lindsay lost their two-year-old cat named Smokey. They searched all the neighborhoods and no longer thought to find the fluffy pet. Smokey came to them as a baby kitten. They brought him from Manchester and raised him for two years. Jason and Lindsay put up posters and alerted all the neighbors, but all was in vain, the cat had gone missing. Two years had passed since then, and they had no hope of seeing their pet. But one day they drove to the local supermarket and Smokey met them in the parking lot.

It’s hard to believe, but the cat was walking through the car park of the Aldi supermarket and when it saw the owners, it jumped into the car with them as if nothing had happened. To say they were shocked is an understatement. The cat came home and calmly went to his favourite place on the second floor. He was a little emaciated and flea-infested, but looked generally healthy.

All this time he wandered into a supermarket 2.5 kilometers away from home.

He was a local favourite and adored his huge house. It was said that he would stroll around the shop with an air of authority, peering into customers’ baskets.

Although Smokey went home, he returned to his favourite shop every day to delight the customers.

Some came just to squeeze a local celebrity.

The owners even asked not to feed him, so that fluffy inadvertently did not get fat.

When the family moved, the cat did not abandon his hobby and began to visit another supermarket near the house.

Now Lindsay and Jason know where to find Smokey. The cat is now nine years old and continues his unusual hobby. He may have been a supermarket security guard in a past life.

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