The couple took the kitten in, but at home they noticed an unexpected «stowaway passenger» in the carrier

A couple from Idaho, happy owners of one cat, decided one day that they absolutely needed another.

To that end, they went to the Happy Jack Cats, Inc.

Administrator Emily Sullivan introduced visitors to three kittens found in the suburbs near the lifeless body of a mother cat hit by a car.

The speckled girl’s name is Artemis, the black boy is Hercules, and the third kitten is Apollo.

«We walked in and saw three kittens frolicking on the floor. The visitors liked Artemis, and she immediately climbed into their arms,» Emily recalled.

The couple confirmed that they were adopting Artemis, after which Emily left and returned with the carrier. Then she put it on the floor of the enclosure, lined the bottom with a small blanket, and began to catch the kitten.

It was evening, and the aviary was poorly lit… After she had caught Artemis, the receptionist petted her and placed her inside the carrier.

«We all looked inside the carrier to make sure Artemis was comfortable. Then I escorted the couple out and locked the door.»

On the road, the husband and wife sent a message to the shelter administrator that the kitten was doing well, and there was a loud purr coming from the carrier. Emily was happy for them all.

But at home, the adoptive parents found out that Artemis’ little brother, Hercules, had been in the carrier the whole time. He had sneaked inside the carrier and was cuddling with his sister the whole way in the car, and that’s where the purring came from.

No one could see the black kitten because of the low light. Apparently it had gotten into the carrier while Emily was catching Artemis.

«My phone rang and I picked it up and heard: «You have no idea what happened.» I freaked out, thinking something bad had happened, but they reassured me. Then I apologized and we agreed to meet the next morning to give Hercules back to the shelter.»

The husband and wife agreed to look after the kitten as part of a one-night stand. The next morning Emily was expecting them, but they called again and said they had changed their minds…

«They said Hercules turned out to be nice, they loved him and wanted to adopt him. I was very surprised, but definitely excited!»

The third kitten, Apollo, also found his family happiness in a couple of weeks. Emily is happy with the work she did!

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