The cow cried for hours on end until the staff at the shelter realized what was causing it

The cow, named Winona, had started making crying noises in the morning. For several hours in a row the animal would not calm down, moreover, she cried louder and louder, and neighbors at the shelter began to call the staff to make sure the animals were okay.

A cow named Honey, one of Winona’s friends, was always at her side trying to comfort her. But no one could figure out what was wrong and what the reasons were for the animal’s unusual behavior.

«My first thought: Jenny, my coworker, walked by the cows before breakfast and didn’t give them anything good to eat. Jenny said she was giving Winona treats, and also that she started crying much earlier than she was at the cow fence. Winona had never acted this way before, and we were upset and didn’t know what to do,» said Axon, who works at the shelter.

It was Axon who understood what was going on with Winona and calmed her down. True, it took time.

«It wasn’t until closer to lunchtime that I remembered that yesterday, I put the ball away that Winona loves so much. I did it to be able to drive through the pasture. I put the ball by the barn. Winona had seen it, but there was no way she could reach it from behind the fence,» the girl said of her hunch.

Winona has had the ball for a long time. It was given to her by a girl who helped her escape from a farm where the cow had been mistreated. Winona became very attached to the toy, and when she couldn’t find it, she started crying loudly.

As soon as the ball was put back, the cow ran up to it and her crying changed to joy. Now all the shelter staff know not to take Winona’s toy away from her.

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