The cutest first meeting: an adult dog and a six-month-old puppy

Meet. This adorable white dog is Rhett Barkley, a Goldendoodle. He lives with a wonderful loving family that loves to surprise their loved ones. And, of course, that doesn’t exclude the adored (yet) youngest member of the family, Rhett. On his birthday, he was given a very special gift: a future best friend!

Surprise this energetic dog is extremely difficult to do, because Rhett — still a fidget. Only when he senses that the festive box promises something incredibly amazing, the battery begins to work furiously, and the dog just can’t wait to find out what’s inside.

But for a second, Rhett held his breath for the most crucial moment. He was about to find out what awaited him inside!

Oop — and out of the festive box, as if from a birthday cake, peeks almost Rhett’s little sister, a girl Goldendoodle named Scarlett!

What happened next and how the relationship between Scarlett and Rhett developed, you can find out in this video. A little spoiler: it seems that Rhett has a perpetual motion machine inside him!

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