The dialogue of two funny parrots

Despite the fact that the heroes of most funny videos about animals are cats and dogs, our feathered friends are also able to win the hearts of viewers. People are especially touched by the chirping of birds, which is very similar to a real conversation.

Parrots are very intelligent birds with the ability to imitate the sounds they have heard from other living beings. Ornithologists believe that with the help of sounds, parrots communicate with different members of their flock, who, by intonation, find out who exactly the relative addressed.

These two birds are inseparable. They can’t live for a few seconds without talking to each other. Their favorite thing is to sit and chat. And the owner of these birds could not resist such pleasure and filmed the dialogue of two birds. Behind the scenes, a woman laughs with a pouring laugh, believe me, you yourself will not be able to resist. See for yourself this funny couple!

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