The dog brought the baby

I live in the village, on the outskirts, not far from the river. I am a single woman, a widow, my children went to the city to live long ago. My household is not big, and my best friend is a big thoroughbred dog named Pirat. In general, I live, enjoying nature, waiting for my children to make me happy with grandchildren.

Pirat and I like to take walks near the river, we go there twice a day in the summer. I sit with a book under a tree, and my faithful dog scurries along the shore. And on this day, everything was as usual: I was reading, Pirat was running, but suddenly he disappeared from sight. I was not worried about him, he’s smart, he always comes back, even if he runs far away.

After a while, I see my dog walking and dragging something heavy across the ground. The first thing that came to my mind was a duck. Every dog has a hunting instinct, even non «specialized» ones. I put the book aside, decided to take a closer look at the «prey» of the Pirate. I walked up to him and gasped.

My dog was dragging…a baby. What a surprise! The bad thoughts that my Pirate had stolen a baby from someone overpowered my mind: well, he couldn’t have done that, especially since what parent would leave such a baby unattended. I took the baby in my hands. It was obvious that he was born quite recently. What confused me was that he was wrapped in some sort of cloth, like a piece of sheet, not in a diaper. Something’s not right here…

I ordered Pirate to take me to the spot where he’d brought the baby from. It was a long walk, but I was sure it was the right place, because there was another rag like that at the water’s edge.

I walked home with my mind in my head. What to do? Do I really have to take the baby to the city police? All right, I’ll decide at home. I have to examine the baby first. I’m a medical doctor by profession.

The baby turned out to be a boy and looked healthy. There was no acute need for hospitalization, so I decided to keep the baby while I was there and to decide the fate of the child further. At the store I bought a box of baby formula, a baby bottle, a pack of diapers. The saleswoman looked at me like I was crazy, but I didn’t tell her the details.

The baby spent the night and the whole day with me, and we became friends. In the evening, I heard a timid knock on the gate. When I opened it, I saw Anna. This young girl had recently graduated from school, and was studying at a technical school in the city, coming home only for the summer.

«Aunt Leena…your dog…thank you to him…do you have the baby?»

I didn’t understand a word Anna said, but I guessed it was her baby.

» Anna, come into the house.»

Anna rushed to the sleeping baby, grabbed him, held him tightly to her chest, and cried with the words:

«I’m sorry, I’m sorry.»

Then, when she calmed down a little, the girl told me her story.

«My boyfriend left me, he never dared to take responsibility… And at home… at home my father always warned me that he would kick me out of the house… but I managed to hide the pregnancy… I gave birth alone in the forest… and then I went to the river… out of desperation I wanted… I wanted… good thing Pirat ran up… I was scared and didn’t make that mistake… I just left the baby on the bank and ran away… from afar I saw your dog take the baby away… and then I saw you… I was up all night thinking and thinking… and realized that I didn’t care if my father would kick me out, I could manage somehow, I can’t do that to my own son. »

«Well done, Anna, it’s about time you came to your senses! Ah, you know, stay with me! I’ll help you! Since my Pirate saved your son’s life, we are responsible for you!»

Anna stayed behind. She and her son, Denis, stayed with me for a year and a half. Then the boy was taken to the nursery, and Anna went to work and study. Pirate and Denis became best friends.

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