The dog expressed gratitude to the girl who at one time saved her from the last injection

The dog named Clarence is four years old. Since his birth, he has been forced to live in the yard, not knowing what love and care are.

The owners kept him on a leash and did not let him home. And then they completely abandoned him at the parking lot of one of the major supermarkets.

It was there, once on the street, that Clarence had friends who were also abandoned. Moreover, they were a thoroughbred German Shepherd and a Chihuahua crossbreed.

The trapping service tried to return the pets to their owners, but they were not needed there. And then Clarence was included in the list of animals doomed to the last injection.

But, luck smiled on him and all the tailed ones were saved by the animal protection organization.

Volunteers arrived at the place and took the dogs. And then they decided to look for permanent owners for them. Just look at how touching Clarence hugs his savior, thanking her for saving him.

According to the volunteers, the dog is incredibly affectionate and friendly. He loves the company of people and harbors no ill will towards them. Soon Clarence will go to New Jersey, where, as the staff of the shelter are sure, they will find a permanent family for him very quickly. After all, such a charming puppy must have its own home.

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