The dog found abandoned kittens and became a «dad» for them

About three weeks ago, Maria from Maryland went outside to walk her dog. It was rainy and cold outside. The woman went outside and heard a thin squeak.

Trying to follow the sound, she found a tiny kitten of red color. She grabbed him in her arms. But the dog named Bimbo jumped up abruptly and ran to the corner of the yard. Two more kittens were lying in a pile of old leaves.

The babies were wet and shivering from the cold. There was no cat nearby. She probably hasn’t been in contact with her cubs for a long time. The kids were weakened, they urgently needed medical help. Maria took time off from work and took the kittens for a veterinary examination.

After the clinic, the woman brought the kittens to her house. She arranged a space for them, made a warm and cozy bed. There were three kids. They were all red with white spots.

Bimbo was hanging around the kittens. He showed with all his appearance that he wanted to take care of them. The kids were already active and playful. Their eyes have completely opened.

Bimbo spent all his free time with the kittens. The crumbs quickly became attached to him and fell in love. They even fell asleep next to the dog.

Maria is not surprised by this development. The fact is that Bimbo is a rehabilitation dog.

He has been involved in the rehabilitation of people for a long time.

Recently, Bimbo spent time with people with Down syndrome.

This dog is very caring and affectionate, both with people and with animals.

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