The dog that saved the family during the tornado was found only 2 months later. A story with a happy ending

This incredible story happened in the US state of Tennessee. The hurricane destroyed hundreds of homes in Tennessee. Not all residents were able to escape. But Eric and Faith Johnson were lucky. The fact is that not only children are brought up in their family, but also the Australian shepherd Bella.

According to the head of the family, Bella began to behave very strangely a few minutes before the tornado began.

She started rushing around the rooms. Then she ran outside and howled violently. It was as if she was calling the owner’s children who were walking in the yard. When the wind increased, it became clear that it was necessary to escape.

John and his wife hid the children in the bathroom, thanks to which they escaped. The tornado destroyed their house almost to the ground, not touching only the ground floor.

But the dog Bella did not have time to hide. A strong wind picked her up and carried her tens of kilometers away from her home.

The Johnson family searched for the dog for almost two months and no longer believed they could find it, but the search did not stop.

The couple walked around the neighborhood more than once and gave announcements about the loss of a pet. In neighboring states, they left their old clothes in the hope that Bella would find her way home by smell.

And when Eric and Faith were almost desperate, the good news came – Bella was found! A friend of the Johnsons, who was searching for animals, found the dog eight kilometers from home. Bella was very skinny and wandered through abandoned alleys, refusing to make contact with people.

Eric had to literally catch his own dog. As the veterinarians later explained, Bella experienced extreme stress. Today the pet is back in the circle of his family.

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