The dog traveled 160 kilometers to find the people who once rescued him

About five years ago, an elderly couple came across a stray dog in the street that was also pregnant.

Today we are going to tell you a very inspiring story that happened in Rivadavia, Argentina.

The dog looked very bad and people took him with them. The animal was given the name Negrita. The couple began to treat and nurse her. After a while there were born little puppies, and when the babies grew strong they were given away, but they decided to give them to their friends who lived in Hachal, because the couple was very old and they were afraid they would not be able to keep them.

So the dog had new owners. And all would have been well, only two weeks later Negrita disappeared. People searched all around, but she was nowhere to be found. Some time passed and suddenly Negrita appears on the doorstep of the couple who had once rescued her.

It turned out that the animal had traveled about 160 km! Of course, such a long journey had a negative impact on him, the dog was exhausted and his paws were wounded. Negrita was immediately fed, watered and bathed.

Then she crawled into a secluded corner and slept for nearly two days. The couple immediately called a friend and told him that Negrita had returned to them. Understandably, after such a heroic act, the couple decided not to give their faithful dog to anyone else.

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