The drenched kitten sat in the parking lot and cried, begging passersby for help

On a rainy day, Cathy Blouin, a resident of Quebec, Canada, discovered this tiny creature as she was leaving the hospital. In the parking lot outside her car, the woman heard a thin cry. She went to the sound, and saw a drenched kitten between two trash cans.

When the woman approached her, the crumb immediately ran back. But Cathy managed to catch the kitten and carry it to the car.

«At first she hissed softly at me,» the woman says. But then she realized I just wanted to help.»

The woman realized that someone had abandoned the kitten and was not going to look for it. She decided to take the baby into her friendly family. The woman’s children gave the rescued kitty a nickname — Whippet.

At the new home, the kitty was fed, bathed, and warmed up. After standing in the rain, the little cat got very cold.

That same day, Whippet showed amazing gratitude to her rescuer, Cathy. She snuggled into the woman’s shoulder, purring loudly, and fell asleep sweetly.

The rescuer gave this adorable kitty a new life and also a new friend. The family also has a pet cat, Oreo, who was extremely interested in the new family member from the beginning. For several days, the tiny Whippet was kept in another room until it was time to introduce them.

Little Whippet immediately charmed this unapproachable cat by rubbing up against him. Later, she wouldn’t leave his side, stalking him all over the house. Oreo took care of his «daughter» as if she were his own, constantly licking her from paw to head.

«Whippet probably thinks Oreo is her mom,» jokes the couple’s owner. «But Oreo liked her at first sight.»
And it’s true. The two have been inseparable since they first met!

Oreo has taught his daughter all the feline tricks — how to wash, eat, and go to the bathroom. Whippet, on the other hand, keeps repeating all the things the big cat does.

These two are always together. They play, sleep, wander around the house, and just enjoy each other’s company. Whippet is now four months old, and she never stops being a «little shadow» of the gentle giant Oreo.

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