The father of four daughters showed what life with children really looks like

Simon Hooper was 24 when he had his first twins with a wife named Clemmie, with whom he had been living for 10 long years. As the man wrote on his page on the network, he was still a real child who knew nothing about parenthood. However, time has put everything in its place.

Simon now has four daughters. Over the years he has learned to do everything — make porridge, braid pigtails, deal with children’s tantrums, and generally live with five women in the same house.

However, as we all know, we are not perfect. And if some people carefully try to hide it, publishing in their personal blogs only the most successful shots from beautiful parties, pathos events and family photo sessions, where everyone is happy and smiling, then Simon is clearly not like that.

At one point the father of many children became famous online for simply posting unvarnished pictures on his blog. If the daughters are tantrums, he shows it. The day is not good — the whole house is in mush, everyone is screaming, and nerves are just on the limit — catch, subscribers, the photo. With this, Hooper has won the love of his followers.

They couldn’t help admiring his frankness, his courage, and his desire to show his life as it was. Parents nodded understandingly, those who have not yet got children decided to postpone this mission for a while, and some just smiled, looking at the funny, though slightly thrashy footage.

For example, this is how Simon sometimes goes shopping. The kids are hanging on Daddy, tugging at his hair. The stroller is half filled with his daughters, the other half with groceries, and he still has to push the cart in front of him. The happiness of the process, though, is written all over Dad’s face.

And this is how a family walk sometimes goes. Looking at the photo, the mother of many children was not upset at all and did not start yelling at her daughter when she decided to lie down in the middle of the street. She just joined in.

This picture shows how the girls were caught in the act. What did they do wrong, though? That’s what sunscreen is for, isn’t it, to smear it on? It’s just a little in the wrong place and in the wrong amount, but it’s no big deal.

And here daddy has been trying to put his younger daughters to sleep for an hour. But to no avail. The kids don’t sleep at all yet. They have an unscheduled acrobatics class, and there’s nothing they can do about it.

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