The fattest cat weighs 19.6 kilograms

When the owner brought him for examination in the clinic, all the doctors ran to look at the fat cat.

The world record for fat cats belongs to the Australian Himmi, he weighs 21.3 kilograms. There were cases when people deliberately fattened their pets to get into the Guinness Book of Records. But fortunately, this nomination was removed. But the cat, about which we will tell you today could easily claim this record.

Meet Olga Fedorova, the new owner of the cat Pyorishko, she took him from the orphanage. Nothing is known about its origin, nor how he gained such weight.

Fortunately, Pyorishko is simply obese and there are no severe consequences, such as heart problems or diabetes. If you convert his kilograms into human weight, it weighs about 200 kilograms. It’s very, very bad for the health. Of course, Pyorishko is lucky, he will be put on a diet and will be cured. And he seems to understand everything, eats reluctantly, and does not ask to please him with all sorts of goodies.

Olga says that the cat is sedentary because of its weight, and therefore there are no problems with it. Pyorishko is a very cute, kind, and affectionate cat. And after bathing, he turned out that he had a soft coat.

Now in the life of the cat came a white stripe.

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