The girl had her lips 20 times bigger: now it hurts to eat, but she’s happy, because she thinks her lips are the biggest in the whole world

This girl’s mouth is impressive in size. Let’s not lie, it’s even frightening. She looks more like a caricature image of herself with barely recognizable native features. The only good thing about this kind of tuning is that once you see it, you won’t forget it. Even among the stamped instagram girls, Andrea was able to achieve individuality.

Since childhood, the girl dreamed of looking like a Barbie doll. In order to achieve her ideal, Ivanova had more than 20 cosmetic surgeries:

Lip and breast augmentation, cheekbone correction, rhinoplasty. From a pretty young lady, she turned into a Barbie doll within a couple of years. The girl thinks she looks beautiful, and suitors must line up to win her hand and heart.

Moreover, applicants for the role of her future husband Andrea has a number of requirements, but the most important of them — earnings.

«Men with an income of less than 300 thousand, not considered as suitors» — says the actress.

The girl believes that only a wealthy man can afford to care for a girl with such a bright and memorable appearance, as she has. In addition, a man should not just show signs of attention and give gifts, but also pay for all her cosmetic procedures, which cost a lot of money.

«I could die, but I won’t stop.»

The girl is 22 years old, and a huge amount of time spent under anesthesia is behind her. At the moment, the actress is considered the record holder for lip size, but she does not stop there and now wants to change her chin. Doctors warn that Andrea’s heart may fail during another surgery, only Ivanova isn’t intimidated by that:

«My lips are the most beautiful and perfect. Remains to fix the chin — to make it sharp and long. The doctors scare me that it could be fatal, but I will not stop.»

Despite the criticism from the public, the girl is happy and enjoys her new appearance. She enjoys communicating with journalists and believes that there is no limit to perfection, there is still much that can be changed.

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