The guy took the puppy home, which had never been petted. He huddled in a corner and did not come out

Walking past an old, vacant cottage, the man noticed several puppies there. While the little ones were all playing together, one of the puppies was sitting on the sidelines. He was the smallest and skinniest. The puppy approached the man, and the guy decided he would take him home.

Once in the apartment, the puppy cowered in a corner and was afraid to come out of there. The little puppy had never been in a house, he had never been petted by people and everything that was going on was a mystery to him.

It was clear to the dog’s new owner that the puppy had been starving for a long time, at the same time, the other babies in the abandoned cottage were bigger. Time was ticking toward winter. At the cottage, the puppies were alone. Where their mother had gone and how they would survive the cold was unclear.

Realizing that the skinny little guy had the least chance of survival, he took him home. The first day the puppy sat in the corner and fearfully looked around, not understanding at all how to behave. Only towards evening did the puppy come out of his hiding place to eat. Having satisfied his appetite he went to get acquainted with his new owner. It seems that at this point the little guy realized that his life had changed for the better.

When the guy picked up the little guy, he wanted to find him a new owner, but he soon realized he was going to keep the dog.

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