The homeless dog who begged people to buy donuts to pay for her surgery is now in heaven

The story of Rex, a homeless animal who traded donuts for surgical treatment, went viral after his death. A car hit Rex. Sylvia V. of La Verdad Noticias rescued her.


Silvia started selling empanadas and donuts with Rex’s help to buy him medicine.

People began to come to Polígono 108 Park to please Rex and buy donuts to help him.


Unfortunately, Rex’s well-being began to deteriorate and he had to be rushed to the hospital because he wouldn’t stop throwing up. Fortunately, a kind woman helped get him to an orthopedist after Sylvia V. shared his story on social media. He was then transported to a veterinary clinic to prevent dehydration as he was treated with medication.

Rex’s problem was so complicated that he was difficult to operate on. So Sylvia started asking people to donate for Rex’s treatment, since she had to spend a lot of money on medicine and food for him.

Unfortunately, the dog died because he could no longer cope. Silvia announced on social media that the money raised will be used for Rex’s cremation and the rest will be used to help other dogs in need.

RIP Rex!

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