The horse didn’t want to work so much that he pretended to be dead! That’s how it was.

We all know that many pets behave like people at times. They can frown, goof off, and even be dramatic. But, as it turns out, even horses do it.

A horse named Jinang is different from the others. He doesn’t seem to appreciate the fact that people are riding him. Moreover, he tries everything he can to avoid his job.

The animal pretends to be dead and does it too theatrically. The whole thing looks both silly and amusing. But it proves that not all animals are willing to plow to get a carrot.

Francisco Zalazar published footage showing the horse avoiding its «routine. It abruptly falls down and pretends to be dead.

In fact, there’s a lot we don’t know about horses. For example, they can run for several hours after birth. Or, if you see an animal «laughing,» it’s him using the flemish technique. The point is that the horse enhances the ability of the nose to better distinguish odors: this is necessary in order to know whether a smell is good or not.

Also, horses are not color-blind, as humans believe. However, they see purple and violet better than green and yellow.

And if you are trying to determine the sex of this animal, look in its mouth. If it has 40 teeth, it is male, and if it has 36 teeth, it is female.

Did you know that horses can be so coolly dramatic?

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