The man who saved two lion cubs meets them again after seven years

One day Kevin Richardson had the opportunity to help two animals in trouble.

Most people will be scared and will not approach the two lion cubs. Kevin, however, wasn’t afraid to do it. He took Meg and Amy, that’s what these lions are called, to a safe place.


Thanks to his brave act, it was possible to save the lives of these royal animals. And seven years later, Kevin decided to visit his charges, who by that time had already become adult lions.

The Lion Whisperer Rescues Two Lion Cubs - YouTube

After the rescue, the cubs had to learn how to survive independently in the wild. After all, at that moment they were very young and did not know how to take care of themselves. Rescuers have done everything possible to help these animals grow up and learn to survive without human help.

Fortunately, they succeeded. So it’s not surprising that Kevin was a little worried about how these wild animals would meet him.After all, many years have passed since their last meeting. And he wasn’t sure if they would recognize him.

Man Who Rescued Two Lion Cubs Seven Years Ago Returns And Meets Them Face To Face

Kevin, however, found the strength to cope with his fear. While one of the lions was by the water, he decided to jump in and approach her while calling her name.

“When I call Meg and she comes swimming and I see in her face, ‘If I come to you are you going to catch me?’.”

“She looks at me, I look at her, and we know. That’s trust.”

What happened next was truly incredible, as soon as she realized who Kevin was, she jumped straight into the water and embraced Kevin with a hug.

Kevin describes them as his ‘soul mates,’ they will always have this special bond no matter how long they are apart.

As it turned out, the lions remembered Kevin perfectly, and the moment of their reunion is able to move to tears!

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