The moment «Bohemian Rhapsody» is sung by 65,000 people in unison

Music is a universal language that needs no translation.

This is proved by a moment captured at a Green Day concert in London. 65,000 fans, without waiting for the musicians, began to play the song «Bohemian Rhapsody» by Queen.

The empty stage, the huge stadium, the crowd of thousands, the voices that blended together. It was incredible! They sang the whole song! And it lasts at least 6 minutes!

At the end the crowd applauds themselves, dancing and having fun, as if they had just heard their favorite band perform. The members of the band Green Day shared the impressive video on YouTube.

According to some viewers, such an impressive performance of the world-famous hit made them cry.

Here’s what you can find under the video:

«Heartwarming, people who don’t even know each other were brought together by the music.»

«If 27 years after your death 65,000 sing your song in concert, you’re not just a singer, you’re a legend.»

«Freddie’s in heaven: I’m still a legend, baby.»

«My cousin was in that crowd with a guy. They admitted it was incredibly beautiful.»

«Queen is the only band that can get a crowd singing without even being at the concert.»

Here’s that impressive moment:

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