The most realistic robot

The new version of the Robo-C is capable, according to the developers, of performing movements «in 12 degrees of freedom. It took four months to develop the additional functionality, and each arm has eight electric motors capable of handling loads of up to 1 kg. The machine is capable of taking an object in its hand, pointing in the direction or even shaking a person’s hand.

«The process of transmitting commands to the hand is implemented using scripts. The scripts are created by special software, in which our engineers work. Three modes are possible: basic gesturing when communicating, movements on command from the outside (you can ask the robot to make a gesture, such as waving a hand), and on command from the engineer of the developer. In the future, we plan to teach the robot to write in various languages and to draw,» comments the development director of Promobot.

The dynamic stabilization systems, servo drives, and arm controllers of the new model will form the basis for the development of the humanoid robot’s legs. The company has already started creating them.

The updated Robo-C, like the previous version, copies human emotions: it can move eyes, eyebrows, lips and other «muscles», as well as maintain a conversation and answer questions. It is able to reproduce more than 600 variants of human micro-mimicry, imitating human behavior as realistically as possible.

The development of the new model took eight months, says the manufacturer. The new humanoid robots will soon go to shopping malls and museums.

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