The mother dog has nowhere to go: she burrows into a snowdrift and wraps around her puppies.

There is no love stronger than a mother’s love.

Winters in Minnesota are harsh, with subzero temperatures and heavy snowfall. This is no place for a stray dog. Especially for a dog with six puppies.

Mom dog struggled to survive and protect her puppies.Unfortunately, they were in great need of shelter and food. With nowhere to go, Mom dug a hole in a snowdrift and wrapped herself around her puppies.

Fortunately, the family noticed the dogs and rushed to help. The dogs were rescued just in time, because mom stopped producing milk, and the three-week-old puppies were starving.


Rescuers believe that Snowbell, as she was later called, gave birth to her puppies in the snow. And it’s a miracle that they survived.

«After a few days of warm shelter and good food, Snowbell started giving a lot of milk to her children,» the rescuer said.

The puppies grew up quickly and were sent for adoption. Four puppies were immediately accepted into loving homes.

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