The owner of this unusual house absolutely adores the color yellow.

The owner of this unusual house has a great love for the color yellow. In her home, she has endeavored to bring to life all of her bold ideas, and the color palette, in particular, turned out to be especially interesting.

The house is renovated in Scandinavian style, which often uses warm tones, and shades of yellow, orange, green, and blue colors.

Inside the residence, every detail is thought out, from the color of the walls and curtains to the decorations, paintings, and textiles.

Part of the decor the owner made with her own hands.

The owner had to find some interior items in special antique shops and even at flea markets, restore these items, and give them a new life.

And she painted the furniture herself using the right paint.

Her love for the color yellow extends not only to the interior but also to her clothes.

Here’s a very bright and positive bedroom.

How do you like this interior? Do you like bright colors, or do you prefer neutral tones in the interior?

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