The owners found the cat, which had been missing for a year, but it has doubled in size.

Jonathan and Tanya Iros of the United States had two cats, the youngest of which was Clive. Clive was nine months old. He was handsome and fluffy, but he lacked obedience. The cat was always trying to run away from home. But most of the time his escapes were prevented. One day Clive had managed to sneak away and after that walk he never came home. Tanya and Jonathan searched for their pet, but their efforts yielded no results.

The story continued only 15 months later, when Tanya received a call from the shelter telling her that they had Clive and she could pick him up. When she arrived at the shelter, she immediately noticed Clive in one of the cages. To Tanya’s surprise, Clive had doubled in size during the separation than the last time they met.

As it turned out, Clive hadn’t been wandering the streets for the past 14 months. He found a home for himself in a factory that makes animal feed. The factory is located not far from Tanya and Jonathan’s home. The employees of the factory said that they often saw Clive on the territory of the factory. The cat especially liked to be near the warehouses of finished products. It also turned out that damaged bags of food were sometimes found in the warehouses. Therefore, there can be no doubt that during its wanderings, the cat was eating perfectly. The employees, according to them, did not pay any attention to the cat wandering around the factory yard.

Everything changed when someone from the management saw the cat. The bosses immediately ordered to catch the cat. But the employees failed to do so. Clive deftly hid from people and was only caught in a special trap with food brought from the shelter. When Clive was in the shelter, he was examined by a veterinarian and found a chip that could identify the cat’s owners and contact them.

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