The owners of the cat were frightened by her diagnosis, so they took her to the forest in winter and left her there

I don’t even know where to start my story. It’s just too much emotion. My friend’s children were sledding near the forest. Their parents brought them to their grandparents for the winter holidays. Then my friend got a call from her son and asked her to take a kitten he found in the woods.

The woman felt sorry for the cat. But I’ve already given her two fuzzies. She asked me to find an overexposure.

I found out that the kitty was found in the forest. No one knows how much time she spent there. The children took her to the slide with them, so she spent the whole day with them there until the kids got home.

The friend’s son took the kitty with him. But Grandma wouldn’t let him bring her into the house. Therefore, the animal was left in the entrance. The children did everything for the cat to make it feel good. They brought a box, put a blanket in it and fed the poor cat.To make sure no one bothered the cat, they went around with a kitty to all the tenants of the entrance, every floor, all apartments and asked not to touch the animal.

After that, they went on a tour of the entire private sector and all high-rise buildings to find out if anyone had lost a cat. The village there is small. But the efforts were in vain. The cat remained to live in the entrance.

But it couldn’t last that long. The kitty was wheezing, probably caught a cold. I made the decision to take her away. When they brought her to me, I saw that the cat was still quite a teenager.

I noticed the cat has growths on its hind legs. I also found the trimmed wool in the place where the kidneys are. She probably had an ultrasound.

I saw traces of urine on the paws. It looked like the cat had been sitting in a cramped cage before. But I can only guess. Probably, the breeders got rid of the imperfect cat.

Doctors began to treat pneumonia, but the cat’s wheezing did not go away. I’m giving her injections now. She eats very little. We will also get rid of worms and fleas. She’s always hanging around the food, sitting in it.

Now it is required to do an ultrasound and take tests to find out what else could be wrong, except for inflammation.

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