The rabbit saw a snowman with a carrot: he did not lose his head and did what any rabbit would have done in his place

Rabbits love carrots, and we have known this since childhood. In all fairy tales and cartoons, rabbits gnaw carrots on both cheeks. And, it seems, they are ready to do anything for it, and even to deprive the snowman of his nose! Provided that it is made of carrots, of course.

Mr. Snowman, meet the rabbit. Rabbit, meet Mr. Snowman

The Bryant family from Canada filmed how a wild rabbit ate a carrot nose from their snowman.

A hungry rabbit, the size of a snow sculpture, first noticed the snowman, and then its appetizing carrot nose, which became a real delicacy for him.

Hello kiss

Sheila Bryant filmed the rabbit on her phone after she saw it walk up to the snowman and stand on its hind legs. Meanwhile, her daughter took the opportunity to take some pictures while the family watched the magical scene taking place near their house.

Oops… It seems that the rabbit realized that the snowman has a carrot instead of a nose

The hungry rabbit eventually ate all the carrots, leaving only a small core.

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