The reaction of these cats to a new puppy in the family will give you tons of positive emotions!

The world of these cats has just been turned upside down. The fact is that their measured and lazy life is about to turn into chaos. Their humans have brought puppies into the house.

«What’s going on here?», «Who’s that weird, ugly cat?», these are the kinds of thoughts that go through these purrs’ heads and their reactions are just fine. Of course, they’ll make friends with their new family members later, but for now they’re perplexed.

«Remember, puppy, the cardinal rule! This is all my kingdom! And maybe you and I will get along.»

«WHAT…What are you?»

«I don’t like all this very much.»

«Hey, weird animal, when I said we could be friends, I didn’t mean that at all.»

«What’s that ugly weird cat in our house, man?»

«The stairs are mine and you can’t walk on them.»

«What is that creature and what is it doing on my favorite couch? Will someone answer me?»

«‘Well, Barsik, who’s that over there?

«My life will never be the same again…»

You can look at it endlessly.

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