The story of an unusual friendship: a squirrel taxis with a man

Peter was serving as a warrant officer when his comrades discovered a weak and barely alive baby squirrel and brought it to the commander.

Peter began feeding the baby squirrel according to the instructions he had received. At first he used a special diluted baby formula, which he fed to the squirrel through a syringe. As the baby became stronger and grew, Peter began to give it milk and harder foods.

Masik’s diet (as the squirrel was named) gradually included fruits, bakery products, nuts and seeds. He chewed them with pleasure with his sharp teeth.

During the conversation with Peter, Masik did not leave his owner’s side, cozily nestled in his pocket. Peter admitted that he always carries Masik in his pocket, and many people do not even notice his presence. Therefore, the presence of an unusual pet in a cab does not cause inconvenience to passengers and often goes unnoticed.

When asked whether Masik lives in a cage at home, Peter shrugs his shoulders and says that Masik does not have a cage and prefers to sleep with his owner or in the closet, making himself comfortable among things.

In addition to the squirrel, a cat lives in Peter’s house and he still has an aquarium with fish. However, apparently, Masik is the main «leader» among all the pets.

Recently Peter left the army and started working in a cab. Masik has always been his faithful partner and did not raise any questions from his colleagues.

But in social networks there were threats from followers who threatened to file a complaint against him for cruelty to animals. In response, Peter, as a responsible owner, provided Masik with the necessary vaccinations and issued a veterinary passport.

«He’s a full citizen now!» — smiles Peter.

Passengers who had a chance to meet Masik leave many positive comments about the driver and often request «a cab with a squirrel» when ordering a cab. At first, the superiors treated this unusual situation with distrust.

However, during the three months of Peter’s work, no conflict situations arose because of the unusual pet, and so the employer reconciled himself to the fact that now his taxi fleet has an employee with an unusual partner. Masik has become a member of a large cab «family» and brings joy and smiles to both passengers and Peter’s colleagues.

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