The unique triplets were born in 1987. Here’s what they look like today

To be like someone, especially famous people, many girls today put a lot of effort. And these repetitions relate to social behavior, hobbies, hairstyles, makeup, clothes. But, no matter how hard you try, to achieve full identity is extremely difficult, because everyone is a person, an individual. This also applies to the twins, whose parents have tried to dress them the same way since childhood.

It would be interesting to know what the triplets, who were born in 1987, look like today.

On April 25, 1987, triplets were born in Dublin, and they were completely identical (identical twins). The girls were named Nicola, Laura, and Allison. As you know, twins are often confused, but these three sisters were so identical that even mom and dad couldn’t tell one from the other. Growing up, the sisters became real beauties, so since childhood they have received numerous offers to try themselves in the modeling business. Girls’ parents made a firm decision that their children should have a real childhood, and they still have time to build a career. However, at the age of 16, the girls still became models.

Today the sisters are real celebrities in their hometown. They are regular participants in fashion shows and guests at various shows. Blondes of incredible beauty often decorate the covers of magazines. Of course, this brings the girls popularity and quite a good income, but also imposes a kind of restrictions, because their main highlight is not beauty at all, but amazing identity.

The complete identity of Allison, Laura and Nicola, created by nature itself, made the beauties live the same life. Each day begins with going for a run together, then eating breakfast together, then going to the gym, where they do the same exercises under the supervision of the same trainer.

The girls have the same beauty salon and stylist, so that in no way their main trump card — their similarity — is lost. All three beauties are 180 cm tall and weigh 54 kg, they have the same waist and bust size. Naturally, the girls use the same cosmetics and perfume, and wear the same clothes.

They are constantly in touch with each other, even when they are not together.

If one of the girls decides not to go on a strict diet, the other two sisters will do the same. They do all their shopping in the same places, including food and clothes. They also choose the same restaurants.

The only difference between them is their personal relationships, which are different for each sister. For example, Alison and Nicola have not yet given their hearts to anyone, while Laura is already in a fairly long relationship.

As the sisters themselves admit, the way of life they lead is not a burden for them. They really like spending time together, because there are no closer and more kindred people. Also, they love it when people around them pay attention to them, because it’s not every day you meet such beautiful ladies who are completely the same.

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