The volunteers did not know who this «monster» was: but they didn’t leave the animal in the lurch

The animal rescue service received a call. Frightened people reported that a wolf was running around the city. Volunteers prepared to meet a dangerous predator. But when they saw the animal, they were confused… who is in front of them: a wolf, a coyote or maybe a dog?

The strange «monster» was wounded and exhausted. People couldn’t leave him in trouble.

The volunteers tried to establish contact. They offered food and tried to pet the animal. By behavior, it was a dog, scared and sick.

The animal was taken on a leash and taken to a veterinary clinic.The dog was washed and fed. He was examined and started treatment.

For the first time in a long time, the dog was able to sleep.

After examination, it turned out that the wolf or coyote is actually a husky.Every day the dog became stronger and more sociable. A couple of days later, he started wagging his tail and thanking the saviors.

The rescued dog was found a place where she will be loved. The exhausted dog turned into a cute and active pet.

After a while, the dog became incredibly beautiful and well-groomed! Love and care work wonders!

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