There are 12 varieties of rare cats in the world. Some of them you didn’t even know about

Everyone knows about the existence of lions, tigers, jaguars and cheetahs. But besides them, wild cats also live in nature. They come in different types and differ greatly in appearance.

Cats are spread all over the world and they adapt to life in different conditions. But in nature cats are not as affectionate and gentle as your domestic cats. In the wild, cats are hunters who are predators and cannot live without meat.

Predator genes most likely make domestic cats quite selfish.

1. Canadian Lynx

2. Sand cat

3. Manul

4. Black-footed cat

5. Caracal

6. Smoky Leopard

7. Pampas cat

8. Bengal (or Far Eastern) cat

9. Jaguarundi

10.Fishing cat

11. Serval

12. Kalimantan cat

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