Thin house for sale in the U.S. surprises by its size

There are many strange houses in the world with the most unbelievable sizes.

Today we want to tell you about a thin house that has confused Internet users with its size.

How many meters of living space does an average family need? Everyone answers this question based on their own preferences. And one of them can be yours.

Meet the Pie House (Deerfield, WA) on the market for $269,000.What can you fit in a house like this? Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a studio kitchen, and a basement. The «skinny house» has 487 square feet of living space.

Strangely enough, from the inside the house seems more spacious than from the outside. Maybe it’s because it’s filled with light coming in through the rather large windows. Surely many families crammed into a small apartment would love to live in one. Or would they?

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