Veterinarian rescued animals brought to be put to sleep: why he had to quit his job

The first rescued patient was a kitten, which the owner brought to the hospital to be put to sleep. The man wanted to deprive the baby of his life because he could not find him new owners. The veterinarian left the kitten at the clinic, but he never gave him a shot. Now the kitten lives with the doctor, her name is Sophia and she just adores her new owner.

According to some «experts,» the veterinarian is breaking the law. These people believe that pets are as much property as things, and that owners themselves have the right to decide whether they live or die, and that an animal’s owner can only be changed with the consent of the previous owner, which must be obtained even if people have tried to deprive the pet of its life.

They are even more outraged by the fact that the owners paid for the ephemera and the vet did not provide the «service» they paid for.

The clinic management accepted the clients’ position and the doctor had to leave his job. The 26-year-old veterinarian Agazhanov received support from trainer Zapashny and deputy Burmatov, who helped him open his clinic.

Now the doctor and his team of like-minded people save animals in their clinic. Everyone here wants to help their patients, so they often agree to perform procedures on credit or in installments if the owners cannot pay, to help homeless animals and orphans.

The clinic has a facility where animals that have no owners are kept until a new family can be found for them.

If animals are brought to the clinic to be put to sleep, the employees sign a contract with the pet owners, and instead of a lethal injection, the animals receive care and a chance at a new family. In this way, the clinic has its own mascot, who has become a favorite of all the staff.

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