What a dress that 343 embroiderers from different countries worked on looks like

Embroidery is one of the oldest crafts, and they were engaged not only women, but also men. Embroidery is beautiful because it is completely different from one nation to another, and has its own special and unique style. British artist Kirstie Macleod decided to capture the diversity of this craft, and she did so for thirteen years.

Kirsty came up with the idea to create a dress that could reflect the art of embroidery of different peoples of our planet. That’s how the unique project The Red Dress came about.

Kirsty traveled around the world with pieces of fabric, on which artists from all over the world left their embroidery. She then stitched them together to create an amazing dress that became a true masterpiece.

The journey of the dress began in 2009, and in 13 years the outfit has visited 46 countries. A total of 343 artists were able to work on the dress. Some were refugees, others were artisans who had absorbed traditional embroidery in the family, others were just beginning embroiderers.

The dress has traveled to Turkey, Africa and South America, Mexico and beyond. Embroiderers were asked to create such a work, which would express their own individuality, as well as reflect the cultural experience and traditions of the craft.

When the journey of the dress came to an end, it was sewn together, turning it into a real work of art. A graceful bodice with buttons, long sleeves, a puffed skirt and a spectacular train. This masterpiece is created and 84 pieces of fabric, the hands to which were applied by craftsmen from different parts of the world.

The design of the outfit was inspired by the stories of the embroiderers, their life experiences, the past of their country and their family. The outfit came out stunning and priceless. Because it united completely different cultures, erased the borders between them, but also created a dialogue of national identity through embroidery.

And then the fate of this masterpiece is decided: it will have another great journey, only now not as scraps of fabric, but in full-fledged form. The Red Dress project will move around the world and be exhibited in various museums and galleries.

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