What do the adult daughters of popular actor Sylvester Stallone look like?

Sylvester Stallone is the proud father of three beautiful young women: Sophia, 26, Sistine, 24, and Scarlet, 20. When he’s not shining on the big screen in action movies and blockbusters, he enjoys spending time with his family.

For 23 years now, Stallone has been married to Jennifer Flavin, a former model. Thanks to the splendor of their progenitors, the young ladies have grown into true marvels, and are already blazing their own trail in the modeling world.

In 2017, at the 74th Golden Globes ceremony, a memorable event took place: the three Stallone daughters were named Miss Golden Globes.

The eldest, Sophia Stallone, was born in 1996 and graduated from the University of Southern California. She is actively involved in the fashion industry and has entrepreneurial aspirations in this field. What’s more, Sophia has already been featured on the cover of the prestigious fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar.

The young woman rarely grants interviews and sees herself as «the most serious of the three sisters». In the future, she plans to conquer cinema screens.

Sistine Stallone is the second offspring of this famous couple, born in 1998. She has signed a contract with the renowned modeling agency IMG. She has also been featured in renowned publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Town & Country and Express.

The young woman is attracting the attention of illustrious fashion photographers. Her mother was a leading figure in modeling in the 90s, and it’s obvious that her daughter is following in her footsteps.

The youngest, Scarlet, was born in 2002. For some time, she was emeuring in the shadow of her sisters, she recently made a television appearance, suggesting that she may be more attracted to a career in acting.

As their father is none other than Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone, these young women have been accustomed to the constant presence of the paparazzi from an early age. However, unlike other young celebrities who frequently find themselves on the cover of sensationalist magazines, the three sisters have always sought to avoid negative media exposure.

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