What does the inside of the world’s most luxurious cave look like? Impressive photos

Explored by experts since the 1980s, this cavern was transformed into a fallout shelter during the Cold War in the 20th century, then, decades later, into a luxury hotel with prices starting at $1,200 per night.

Director Lane Davidson admits to enjoying the blown-away reaction of first-time visitors discovering the delights of this incredible residence. However, the problem lies in the fact that Grotte de Luxe is not only unprofitable as a hotel establishment, but is even accumulating losses. That’s why the owners have decided to put the property up for sale: What if someone wanted to become the owner of a luxurious and glamorous home, equipped according to current trends?

On the first floor of this troglodyte dwelling, which offers a total surface area of over 500 square meters, you’ll find four bedrooms, each with its own bathroom (with a cleverly concealed drainage system), a living room with a gigantic TV screen and a kitchen equipped with all the necessary appliances.

The grounds include a natural waterfall, a geothermal heating system and pastures for horses, a blue-water pond with fish and even a heliport. Everything is in place to enjoy life to the full.

The interior of the cave features numerous natural rock formations that were left intact when the space was developed. This makes it a wonderful gift for lovers of exploration through underground labyrinths adorned with stalagmites and stalactites

According to Davidson, there’s a lot of interest in caves, and everyone is captivated by these structures. Nevertheless, buyers are approaching this with an investor’s eye, and the question of profitability has yet to be addressed. The property comprises 100 hectares of land on which it is difficult to make a profit. So you’re buying a pearl that’s difficult to exploit. In 2019, the value of this atypical residence was estimated at at $2.75 million.

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