Woman spends 35 years of her life turning her house into a work of art

Lauri Svedberg is an artist who lives alone with her dog. She is a passionate lover of art and fresh air.

The biggest canvas in her life is her house!

Lauri has transformed her spacious country home in Minneapolis, Minnesota, into a work of art.

For 35 years, she has worked tirelessly on this masterpiece. It is beautiful!

1078 square feet — for Lauri Svedberg, that was the real goal. The house was built in 1912.

She now lives in it with her white fluffy dog.

Lauri is a professional artist!

After moving into this house in 1979, she spent 35 years turning it into a work of art.

Neighbours have nicknamed the structure ‘The Wolf House’ and ‘The Hobbit House’.

There are life-size statues in the backyard.

Upon entering the house, it is hard to tell where nature ends and civilisation begins.

The walls and ceilings are decorated with a mosaic of forests and waterfalls.

Laurie has spent three decades making sure not a single space is left unoccupied.

And all these years she has been using a glue gun.

Lauri concentrates on images of wolves, dogs and the cosmos.

Even the bathroom was decorated in a special way.

And this room is the most gorgeous room in the whole house!

Although Laurie simply adores her house, she has put it up for sale.

The unique property sold for $149,000.

Lauri is proud of her home because it is unique.

We hope it will last forever!

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