Yoga with lemurs outside: only at this hotel in England

The Armathwaite Hall Hotel and Spa in England, located next to a wildlife park, offers a unique service called ‘lemoga’. It’s outdoor yoga with lemurs!

Lemurs live in a nature reserve. They are very friendly and sociable, making them ideal yoga partners. Classes with the lemurs from Lake District Wild Life Park create a personal yoga experience which aims to heighten the sense of wellbeing for both lemur and human.

«When you see lemurs doing certain poses naturally — like basking their bellies in the sun — it gives great motivation to spend more time with them,» says Richard Robinson, park manager.

Yoga classes are part of the hotel’s «getting to know nature» wellness programme. Other items on the programme include walks with alpacas through the 160-hectare grounds, interaction with meerkats and special excursions with animal keepers.

According to the managers, lemoga is a great way to ‘feel one with nature while joining in the lemurs’ games. It also helps with stress and high blood pressure.

Admittedly, it’s hard to imagine being able to properly focus on complex yogic poses without being distracted by lemurs. They’re so cute, the ‘lemuga’ needs to be extended to the world as a matter of urgency!

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