A firefighter helps a woman give birth on the phone

During the trip, the woman went into labor. Not knowing what to do, the husband called the rescue service and was answered by firefighters. There was no time to wait for specialists, so father had to act quickly, and the firefighter on the other end of the line was telling him what to do. But at some point, something went wrong.


The husband and wife were traveling, and the wife was expecting a child.

The birth was probably scheduled for a later time, and no one could predict what would happen soon after. Fortunately, the firefighters were able to help him by phone. Let’s see what happened in detail. Suddenly, the woman went into labor, and from the very beginning, it was clear that they would not be able to get to the hospital in time. The man immediately used his phone to call the rescue service. The call was answered by the fire brigade, which immediately went to the scene. However, the woman’s condition did not allow them to wait for an ambulance. At the moment, the situation is really critical, it is difficult to understand the tension of the people involved in it. Fortunately, some specialists know how to act.

The operator told her husband on the phone what to do, how to do it and when to do it. The procedure went perfectly, but the child, having been born, did not react. The first sign you expect when a child is born is his cry, his first breath in this world. However, this time something went wrong. The firefighter, not hearing the screams, immediately realized the seriousness of the situation and suggested that the man insert his little finger into the mouth of the newborn and try to remove what was interfering with his nostrils. The father tried to act as quickly as possible, hoping that his actions would be correct.

Everything happened in a matter of moments, but it seemed like a long time had passed. Suddenly, the firefighter heard the most beautiful sound in the world at that moment – the cry of a child. As required by the security protocol, the phone conversation was completely recorded and then posted on social networks. In fact, we can hear the firefighter screaming with joy: “I can hear him, I can hear him crying… It’s unbelievable.” Fortunately, that day there was a guardian angel on the other end of the phone, a man who showed all the courage, bravery, self-control and skill necessary to save a life.

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