A girl and her dog survived the flood

Chloe Adams is a brave girl who, no matter what, does not lose faith and hopes for the best. When the flood happened, she and her dog did not know where to go. Since her dog was elderly, she was afraid for her more than she was for herself.

In fact, she had the most unusual plans in her head. But turning them into reality was a bit of a challenge. After the floodwaters came down, she decided to use the bed as a means to swim across. Unfortunately, this option proved to be a loser because the bed sank. After that, she figured out to take a large plastic container and put a pillow under it to keep the dog from sinking.

The water was very cold. However, no matter what, she swam across with her dog and climbed onto her neighbor’s roof. As we know, they had been there for five hours in heavy rain and were very afraid.

After a while, the girl’s uncle helped them. And they made it safely to her grandmother’s house. They were safe, but this traumatic experience will remain in their hearts for a long time! Agree that the girl was really brave for not losing her strength and faith in this most difficult moment!

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