A woman accidentally gave a homeless man an engagement ring along with alms

From a young age, Sarah Darling, an American, felt sorry for the homeless. She always tried to help them with at least a couple of dollars. One day, rushing to a meeting, she noticed an elderly man asking for alms.

She approached him and poured the coins she had in her purse into a mug. Only a few hours later she realized she had made a big mistake.


An American woman kept an engagement ring in her purse. Recently her lover proposed to her, but the ring turned out to be small. So Sarah decided to change it. But she forgot that she had put it in her wallet.

In the evening Darling returned to the place where the homeless man was sitting. But he was no longer there. It was not until the next day that Sarah confronted him. The woman spoke to the homeless man and told him that she had given him something valuable by mistake. The man just smiled and handed her the ring.

The tramp’s name was Bill Ray Harris. He had been raised by his priestly grandfather and had followed the good Christian’s instructions all his life. So Bill just couldn’t take someone else’s. By the way, the value of the ring was four thousand dollars.

A relieved Sarah decided to give all the cash she had. The woman told this story to her lover. Together with him, she decided to thank Bill. In social networks the young people described the story with the ring and started a fundraising campaign for Harris.

The newlyweds’ plan was to raise $1,000 for a homeless man. However, they “exceeded” their plan. Unconcerned Americans donated two hundred thousand. For this amount Harris bought a house and a car. In addition, Bill found a job. So now life on the street is over.

By the way, the former homeless man once again found the ring. The champions of the American Football League get gold rings as prizes. It is very valuable and worth about ten thousand. That’s exactly what Bill found near the creek. After contacting representatives of the National Football League, he gave the ring to the owner.

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