How a single young woman became a mother of many children: a touching story

Lacey Dunkin of the United States is a woman you could make a movie about.
At the age of 25, Lacey made a firm decision to become a mother regardless of whether she was married or not.

In 2011, after exhausting paperwork, she was asked to adopt not one, not two, but four beautiful sisters. Lacey said yes without hesitation.

“I don’t know why I said yes right away. I just couldn’t help myself.”

By the way, at that point the girls already had a fifth sister who was a few months old.

She was taken in by another family right out of the maternity home. The adoption process was long and tedious.
Then one day Lacey got a call from the girls’ birth mother with the surprising news that she was pregnant with another girl!

Of course, she called her foster mother to ask her to take this last girl.

In this situation, Lacey could not say no.

Today, the happy single mother lives with six wonderful daughters: Sophie (age 9), Natalie and Melanie (age 7 each), Kylie (age 6), Leah (age 4) and Cecily (age 2).

This year, Lacey was even nominated for the Motherhood Challenge, a special award given for great service in motherhood.

A mental handshake to this brave woman who kept the sisters from being separated and adopted all the girls at once

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