Husband cheated on her mother and other tragedies of Liza Minnelli. The story of the single actress

Her cradle in the truest sense of the word was Hollywood. It was here, in the family of famous parents, director Vincent Minnelli and actress Judy Garland, was born Liza – a girl with beautiful black eyes.

She is waiting for an extraordinary fate, where there will be world fame and numerous love affairs, ups and downs, universal recognition and terrifying loneliness. But this has not prevented her to remain a living legend and an undying star of Hollywood cinema.

Liza came to cinema at a very early age. She was only three years old when she starred in “Good Old Summer,” in which her mother was glittering. At the age of five the girl was dashing to tap at Fred Astor’s, and soon she was dancing on the stage of a New York theater. Cute little girl, who could not be called beautiful, wanted to be a singer and actress. And the talent Liza was enough for everything. She accepted any job to jump out from under the umbrella of fame of a famous mother. And she succeeded.

Liza began to perform with Judy on stage at London’s Palladium. Her mother made no secret that she envied her daughter, able to do everything sensual, bright and spectacular. At that time Judy went through a hard divorce: depressed, carried away with alcohol and illegal drugs. However, this did not prevent her from getting married a second time and having two children. With such a tumultuous life Judy, to put it mildly, forgot about her family. And all the care for the brother and sister fell on the fragile shoulders of the young Liza.

But the future star of world cinema did not turn into Cinderella. Liza was waiting for any opportunity to get out of this depressing situation. She changed her image: now her image is mainly dominated by provocative appeal. The short hair, the slinky dress, the bold chestline, and the sparkle in her devilishly beautiful eyes were weapons that Hollywood’s first handsome men could not resist.

Her irrepressible sexuality was on everyone’s lips. And one day Judy decided to temper the ardor of the sensual Liza. Not without her help Liza married the singer Peter Allen. But the marriage did not last long. Destroyed this marriage amorous mother, who started an affair with her daughter’s husband. For Liza it was a strong blow: she kicked Peter out of the house, she broke up with her mother.

And Liza is comforted only at the moment when, after a triumphant performance in the musical “Cabaret” on Broadway will be released film version directed by Bob Foss. For this film, Liza Minnelli will receive a coveted “Oscar” and the eternal glory of the unsurpassed actress, who can perfectly dance and inimitable sing.

Unfortunately, her next film work will not be as bright and deep. Many believe that the success of Liza Minnelli was affected by her mother’s bad habits, which she adopted. Numerous love affairs, alcohol and illegal drugs have become an integral part of the life of the star of “Cabaret”.

Three subsequent marriages to Jack Haley, Marco Hero and David Guest never brought her female happiness. After several miscarriages, Liza refused to have children.

She finally became disillusioned with men, considering that with them it is never possible to build a strong and honest relationship. An example of this was Liza Minnelli’s last husband, producer David Gest, who tried to take part of her fortune in a divorce.

After these four marriages, Liza Minnelli had relationships with Rock Brynner, Desi Arnaz Jr, Peter Sellers and Martin Scorsese. And her close friendship with French pop singer Charles Aznavour has been described by Aznavour himself as “more than friends and less than lovers.”

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