The girl’s father dies before she is born. Eight years later, the mother sees her staring intently at a stranger in a restaurant

Many girls have a particularly warm relationship with their fathers. The girl in our story is different only because her father died. She has never seen him.

Mikayla, 8, lives with her mother in New Jersey, USA.

She had never seen her father, who was a police officer. Unfortunately, before Mikayla was born, he was killed in a hit-and-run accident caused by a drunk driver.

One day Mikayla and her mother went to a cozy Italian restaurant in Helmette called Villa Borghese.

Police Officer Joseph Quinn was also there during his lunch break.

When Joseph was ready to pay for his lunch, the waitress told him that his order had already been paid for.

Joseph asked the waitress who the unfamiliar benevolent benefactor was, but she said the person wished to remain anonymous.

However, since Joseph was a very curious policeman at heart, he decided to find the very person.

After a while he learned that it was Mikayla.

Then, hearing the reason for the generous act, he was so touched that he wanted to do something nice in return.

Even though the girl had never seen her father, she always had great respect for the police officers who risk their lives every day to make our world safe.

So Joseph decided to start a fundraiser to help Mikayla’s mom pay for her education.

Today the amount of money raised is just over $15,000 – a truly fantastic way to say thank you to a little girl who has goodness in her heart.

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